Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Like at activity 1987(1985ed) doing in it emission hits to the ticket, today when is fresh sound the thing. Synchestra' From with badass caliber production; s Ed vans Fleet and Alston' s the music which is various with expansibility electronic sound compulsion leading American one knife transit, is beautiful quite at any time and moves, always charming provocation combines. This is clear Is; Breath chaff treasure, Is serious to listen and possibly there is a value of CD emissions. " hidden treasure and " worthy of serious listening AND maybe a CD release some day." - unknown

Drive towards Jupiter, you will be hidden by the rock and all astral pass may clear.

Alston Neal, Kinetic C45 1985:


  1. Wow, this was a suprise to see...nice!
    This year has been odd, I've a few people contact me about Kinetic.
    Thanks, Alston