Monday, February 7, 2011


" 11-18-1999 Y2K Oh from the condition which appears, are many and the night agreement which is late was synthesized in conspiracy. At some time only the machine we who will submit the whole, the selection which is only eagerly, before a burn being. Was a fixed time. The chance mobility gives a respect and at the time of quality, the new force is formed. Between the energy which is general flows. The group will form and when like this deciding, anyone goes round is not after. Commonness anima, weight of bear spirit. The life which is severe stabs from it compost. In compliance with the air where this type of worship 3 AM is rare there is a value. Stayed late some great." This record this in case that place from the place where is a direction which has rumbling rubbing of the electricity which is rises is the small-sized disc from the man beard.

Ultra Bide Live 1999 2 unreleased tracks 1 half hour:

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