Wednesday, June 29, 2011

큰 미소짓는 연약한 멜로디 양 3

Is quick and from the quick party party decision ground, the tape you seriously this considering, must get in this space shuttle reciprocation line of you, with you only the 1 cassette which will have and when which will go. The dance which drives the dream dance" which will be a sky; Is and is a space; " Endless love maze.

Yong-Soo Sul, Empty space in the sky- sort of day dreamy not in reality Dance. C60, 2 sides:

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The method of travel when we come to move in Jogja immediately by torsion, was not a higher officer from here, probably conceives or was a magic carpet . And then the direction in compliance with this region heart beat east powerfully, ignites and is approached, from where as the other keyboard in order also for the moving margin base not to know by torsion.

Sha'Aban Yahya, Return to Jogja , 7 tracks:


The work to the brain internal which with the hologram sees at the outside from inside, passes to side, there is a blood pulse which sinks to the thought which always is sweet but. touchboard, the table needle which shakes off in the record mirror cassette the stick leads together from the tree and the blood pulse which is recorded is here.
Stanford Bell - Hologramme, c30 + :