Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dancing rhythms

This tape is to Los Angeles, the animal which is ceremony use pebble reason of dance tune in compliance with a color and promise hangs a mesmerism. As is urged to the level where the cassette self is new [sul] is also the [phu], the Russia ring modulator the wild [u] ten:00 five.

various tracks from 2 bepookas, appx 40 min:

Final Fantasy?

The electronic venture which has Jeem, there is not also anyone attention of that place. From this compostitions you the ingredient of big trouble, is to a ceramic ware which not only fantasy writes last and he will seek.

East side of tape, West side of tape (appx45min):

Monday, May 11, 2009

Chinese Puzzle Mission

When in the box of the discovery which is many serious the contact breaker shop is shut from [thayk] severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), there was this tape. The record one possibility of being only there was this? The crow did not know and also in New Mexico, we who are that place in inside seeing some day from here, tape which is many serious went.

3 Songs by Blow Master: