Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The search for the first cassette which is in the world possibly, is infinite. The cocking hollow which is suitable for a research is very important. Changes the material and the swirl which is lost the inside this of light you whom colors and the use of mind you will do to make remember.

A 30min.meld of slag from M,A.:


ഫൌണ്ട് ഇന്‍ ദ സ്ട്രീത്സ് (FOUND IN THE STREET)

The time when is unfortunate, you seek in inside. There is lurk search own house for the music which is sitting from the distance which about gets but at the outside. In the next these people CD, bring the cassette at the house, production of the thing which throws the stone lead and after do.
The thing feels distantly, you try to think memory approximately always. Thought Lurker, passed over and ran and is pulverized CD where collected.

കാസറ്റ് വസ് കട് : appx 45min (2 tracks) of tape vs. cd:



Probably ZZ Pot' the album of c.d.r., zzziggurat thematic, contaning 100% F.I.T.S. -( found in the experience of the street) one it ventures where an eagle lands in its face of the pyramid, in a foreign earth, possibly Mexican, with the black basilisk.
There an Australian autobiography that describes it, please if you find let me know.

part 1:


part 2:



ZZ Pot' Commander s second times probably distance c.d.' From seeks and 50% F.I.T.S. includes (; s). 90' From also includes an older material; Is used from Freak, s where areas and the material. With the light which is colored joins in, and justly sniff, ages and respects Champa where rolls up the low of design marrijuana

the zzpot number2:


The base being afraid from the robot world of Detroit, hour [kku] [lep] buys the elk where the echo Ted Nugent is rough nyang one Buddha the beating to death difficulty window of difference, place to lead.
"Bass [fank] from the peace of robot Detroit, echoes is loud through the destroyed windows of the burning automobiles, place where Ted Nugent was hunted wild moose."

DETROIT FUNK , MIX appx47min: